4 Local jewellery brands I love

I love jewellery. I think my love of it started with my mum’s beautiful collection.  Her first husband worked for the BBC in Brunei, and she had some beautiful pieces that were made by the Sultan of Brunei’s jewellers. My dad’s mum was also a collector, and left a gorgeous ruby stacked ring when she died.

I have collected jewellery from all over the world, but my most worn pieces are from local designers. 

I’ll start with my favourites. I was lucky enough to meet Patrizia and Andreas of ANPA in 2004. I was the fashion assistant at Marie Claire and was tasked with finding local jewellers. I remember Patrizia being a bit wary of me because fashion mags are notorious for losing pieces and simply not returning them. But as soon as I proved that I wasn’t like ‘other’ fashion assistants, she let me shoot anything I wanted. (I think having a German step-mum-in-law helped my cause a bit). It was an incredible relationship I carried with me throughout my career in magazines.

I’ve collected quite a few pieces from them over the years, and Andreas created and sourced the stone for a gorgeous signet ring for my mum’s 60th

This spectacular ring was a 30th birthday gift from my in-laws. It’s a Golden Rutilated Quartz set in silver, and is by far the most statement ring in my collection. It looks might it might be heavy and uncomfortable, but it isn’t; I can wear it all day without even noticing it.

They don’t have this particular ring anymore, as most of their designs are one or two-offs, but if you contact Andreas, he’ll be able to custom make something similar for you.

I have to also mention this whopper of a ring. It’s a sterling silver rose that also makes an incredible statement (also a good weapon, should you need one 😜).

Next on my wish list from ANPA: I love this African Emerald Ring from their Pret A Porter collection.

The second brand I love is Famke. I wear her pieces daily – they are so versatile and easy to wear. I have so many of her pieces that it’s difficult to choose a favourite, but I’d say these brass and silver hoops I got for my 30th from my friend, Katherine, and my numerous delicate rings are my most loved.

These exact earrings aren’t available anymore, but she has similar ones here and there are loads of rings on her site here.

Next on my wish list from Famke: A sterling silver Femur Necklace

I was lucky enough to meet Kat Pichulik in her studio a few years ago, and she’s such an inspiring woman, that I became an instant fan. The heart of her business, Pichulik, is women and empowering them to promote job-creation and economic growth in their respective communities. I have necklaces and bracelets from her, but my most worn design is her cult classic Pichulik Classic Tassel Earrings. I love how they elevate any outfit to something special. On days that I feel ‘meh’ about what I’m wearing and have no inspiration, these are guaranteed to get me out of my funk.

They aren’t on her site at the moment, but these Ball ones will give you the same length and impact.

Next on my wish list from Pichulik: A Scared Knot Bracelet.

Another woman-led brand I love is Spirit Jewellery. Based in Hout Bay, Nikki Sheperd and her small team create beautifully delicate pieces that can be as easily worn for a special event or on a daily basis. 

My favourites from her are these Spirit Mandala Earrings that my husband got me for Christmas. These sterling silver with blue topaz drops make a statement without overpowering anything else you might be wearing, and I get compliments on them every time I wear them.

Next on my wish list from Spirit: This Emerald Gemstone Nugget Necklace

Who are your favourite local jewellery designers? Let me know in the comments.

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