City Lodge Hotel Group hero with Zero (Bars)

It’s strange starting a post and not mentioning the elephant in the room, but by the same token, it feels ridiculous to talk about it because we (every single one of us) is going through life disruption, upheaval and uncertainty. While the whole planet is currently on some sort of hold, South Africans have been subjected to some of the harshest lockdown rules in the world, and while we’re a resilient lot (we literally HAVE to be), I do feel like our patience is wearing pretty thin with nonsensical regulations.

My last post was pre-lockdown, and I’ve written quite a few during, it just hasn’t felt right to post about anything while this was happening. The country seems to be settling into (please forgive me for what I’m about to say – but for lack of better words…) ‘new normal’.

We’re going to be dealing with this for the foreseeable future, and while it’s important to realise the seriousness of the situation, for our metal health, it’s also important to enjoy and take what we can from it.

With this in mind, I wanted to share some uplifting news. In a time of utter turmoil, especially for the tourism industry, the City Lodge Hotel Group have been working on reducing their environmental impact. It may seem strange, considering the economic landscape, but life will continue, people will travel again and we will all adapt to life after this pandemic.

Following on from the group’s R20m investment in 2019 in large-scale solar panels at 25 of its hotels to replace 10% of the group’s output, they have partnered with The Bespoke Amenities Company to create a range of in-room amenities that are as sustainable as possible. 

When we do venture out again and stay at any of the group’s 62 hotels across East and Southern Africa, our rooms will be single-use plastic free. The collection includes corn starch shower caps, body cream enriched with shea butter and packed in a recyclable aluminum tube with a cap made from recycled plastic, as well as Hand and Hair & Body Zero Bars. These clever, locally produced bars are made using no water, no plastic and create no waste in their production. I’ve tested them out, and can confirm that they are great! 

Other single-use plastic-free products will be available on request from reception, including shave, dental, sewing and vanity kits, sanitary bags and shoe mitts. A Zero Bar Keeper tin will also be available to purchase, should guests want to take their bars home with them. As the existing stock of amenities depletes, it will be replaced with the new, sustainable versions.

If you are interested in trying Zero Bars for yourself, then you can read my review on the whole Zero Bar range over on my beauty site, Rouge, here, and pop over to their site to purchase here.