Most worn holiday style pieces

I’m still working on my latest travel story, so this week I’m writing about style.

Now I know I spend most days in jeans and t-shirts accessorized with a ‘mum-bun’, but fashion was actually my first love in magazines, and spent a year being assistant to THE most formidable fashion team in the industry at the time, and learnt more about fashion, style and the history of clothes from Rene and Giselle than Angelo did in 3 years studying fashion. I have also styled for many magazines over the years, so I have earned a few stripes. I’m not coming at this as a complete novice, but it may take me a while to find my sea legs.

I’m going to ease into this by telling you what my most worn piece were these holidays. Nothing ground breaking, but might be helpful for some of you.

First up is my Panama hat. An absolute godsend when you decide that Paarl would be a good destination for your mother’s birthday celebrations, and it turns out to be the hottest day of the year.

I got mine in Ecuador, but there are some good ones at Woolworths and Cape Union Mart. Remember that most of them are made out of paper, so won’t play at all well with water.

Espadrilles are another style staple of mine that I picked up on my travels. I got my first pair of them in Barcelona and been expanding my collection ever since. They take a while to stretch and wear in, but once that’s done, they are heaven for your feet. Also fairly easy to dress up or down (in Cape Town, anyway).

There are super affordable ones on ASOS at the moment, as well as Mr Price. If you’re looking for better quality and to go local, look no further than Espadril. These beauties are next on my list.


I have had SO many sunglasses over the years, but I always seen to gravitate back to Prada styles. I currently have these in black, and literally wear them every single day. And I feel the tortoise shells ones would make a nice addition. I believe Sunglasshut is on sale at the moment – just saying.

I bought this H&M skirt (in khaki) at the beginning of December and have lived in it. I normally pair it with a plain white T, but can be jazzed up with shirt, too. The paper bag waistband is flattering and adds some texture to what could be a boring ensemble. It’s also available in burgundy and grey (and it hilariously listed as trousers on the H&M website…)

Speaking of plain white t-shirts, I’ve mentioned already that they are my daily go-to, and when you wear them as much as I do, you tend to go through them quite quickly. BC (before child) I used to go for very high-end brands, but now that I constantly have tuna pasta, crayon and innumerable unidentifiable stains all over my clothes, I tend not to spend too much on them. I have tried so many, and the ones that hold their shape and colour best is the My Fashion Tee Cotton Modal blend v-neck ones from Woolworths. (Modal is semi-synthetic, so holds its shape well, and the 50% cotton means they are cool enough to wear in summer without being sweaty.) They are 2 for R200 if you are a rewards member and are available in 10 colours.

What were your most worn fashion pieces these holidays?

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