New from Theravine Home Care

We recently put the finishes touches to our new home. This has meant that I can finally unpack all my candles and diffusers that have been in storage.

The way the new space is set up, we have more areas that need a little lifting. This corner in the formal lounge is one of my favourite places, and it needed its own scent.

I’m pretty picky about scents in my home. I loathe sweet scents or anything that smells even vaguely artificial. While I was on the lookout for a new scent, the lovely team at Theravine sent me the perfect one.

Their new Home Care Floral-Citrus Fusion Diffuser is just gorgeous. I love smelling it as I come downstairs in the morning. The citrus notes instantly lift my mood and increase my energy.

The box comes with 100ml bottle of home scent and diffuser sticks for R299, which you can buy online here, and you can buy a 500ml refill bottle for R812.